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Betty Boop Photoplays

Roku application

Let a black-haired lady take you back in time to the black-and-white world of the early American photoplays and cartoon series. Shes a gorgeous and adorable giggler, ready to wash away all your stress! Do you know who she is? Come on, thats Betty, Betty Boop! Both children and adults admire her way to live a life, full of unexpected twists and romantic entanglements. So do we, we cannot help enjoying the drawn story of her life! Welcome aboard the vessel of the intriguing adventures of the doll-faced cutie! We invite you to join the free online channel, Betty Boop Photoplays, packed with both animated series and black-and-white feature films. Feel welcome to visit it anytime you rave about a vintage life story with a splash of comedy. Betty Boop is a cheerful character you can observe for hours and never get bored! Our movie collection is quite extensive; have you seen them all? If not, then its right about time to catch up! Superb animated tin-types await you here 24/7, so go for it. Grab some snacks and drinks, make yourself comfortable, turn up the volume and plunge into the melodious photoplays. Could there be anything better? Become a part of the subscribers gang just now, its super simple and definitely worth a shot!