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Betty Boop Flickers

Roku application

Are you fond of the charming brunette with a baby-doll face? Shes hilarious, merry, and she knows how to stay on top of her game. Have you already guessed her name? Dont be shy; theres no need to whisper yes, this is Betty Boop, a cute and adorable animation character that you know better than anybody else! Its so good to catch a warm Howdee from the 1930s and revive the tenacious feeling of nostalgia, isnt it? And who can transmit the vibe better than Betty Boop? Probably, no one can. We offer you a calm evening on the sofa with a warm blanket and a cup of your favorite tea. Just lean back and get a fresh binge of Betty Boops adventures by hitting the Play button. Welcome to Betty Boop Flickers a friendly online channel that houses a whole lot of the related screenies, generously spiced up with the evanescent flair of the early 1900s. Treat yourself to A Lesson in Love, Not Now, Betty in Blunderland, Judge for a Day, The Lost Kitten, House Cleaning Blues, The Scared Crow, and many other animated tin-types. Make your todays movie night unforgettable and very special by joining the Betty Boop fandom!