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Art Stream Videos

Roku application

Art Stream is a new art service designed to play Fine Art in your home or place of business. We convert high definition images of photographs and painting into visually compelling videos. Each video pans across each image and zooms into points of interest, providing a unique entertainment medium for art lovers and a new advertising channel for artists and art galleries. Subscribers can stream the entire video library or play just a single artist or gallery. Paid subscribers can view our entire library. New works are being added each month. Typical Art Streamers are those who buy art and want creative background video entertainment during dinner parties and other events. Art Stream is also ideal for hotels and fine restaurants who wish to provide high quality custom video on newer HD TVs in prominent locations. At the end of each video we include complete contact information so buyers can purchase works they enjoy - directly from the gallery, artist or third party website. Art Stream is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our goal is to provide stunning visuals to our subscribers and cost effective promotion for artists. All works are vetted by art professionals. As we grow we will be adding exciting new services and content. To advertise on Art Stream please visit "Don't just see it, Art Stream it!"