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All Hiphop R&B and Urban Music is a Interactive Video sharing network for Indie & Industry Artist. Our Top 10 Countdown & Random Rotation Play honors Royalty rates. All archive videos are "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY" however initiates royalties payout when added to random rotation or our Top 10 Countdown. Please take notice any and all videos uploaded to our network will be the property of "ALL HIPHOP R&B AND URBAN MUSIC NETWORK" and maybe used in other programming on this Channel (that Royalty rate will still applies - Royalties will be based per Episode and NOT PER VIEWER). For those Artist who do not have their music Licensed we do have Licensing Manager on staff and ready to help. All Archived videos will remain archived for a total of 90 days and Royalties payout starts at $5.00, Top 10 Countdown is based on highest view count from the archives for that day (allow up to 24 hours for Countdown/Random uploading) and will be played a total of 24 time in 1 day (Rate x Count = Payout), there will further be a section designated on our website for client viewing. We look forward to seeing you, sharing you and paying you for the great talent you present. I am All Hiphop R&B and Urban Music, and if you make music, listen to music, write music or even steal it "You are also All Hiphop R&B and Urban Music as well" as without you there would be no music to listen to view or share.