Developer : Nas Banov


Roku application

Described in a nutshell as "Pac-Man without borders", is an online, massively multiplayer action game. Created in the Spring of 2015 by Matheus Valadares, the game quickly gained worldwide popularity. Each player controls their own "living" cell. It goes like this: move around - consume the food you run into and grow, while avoiding getting devoured by other cells. Bigger, slower blobs try to eat the smaller, faster ones. It is as simple as that, yet surviving for a long time is challenging. Because, other players. Chomp-chomp! There are some additional twists to keep it interesting, like say "viruses" that small cells can hide behind but make big blobs "explode". Or a strategic split to throw oneself after and engulf a running cell - and later re-merge into one. Things one learns on the job. This app brings the game to Roku, allowing you to join other people from around the world playing in the realms (aka "Petri dishes") of Agar. Requirements: Roku 3 player or better (4xxx series), paired with a game-enhanced remote (has A/B buttons outside and motion sensors inside)