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Adventurers Rex and Rinty

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Here comes another delightfully intriguing gem of Mascot Pictures, The Adventures of Rex and Rinty. This is a 12-episode sound serial starring two wonderful animals, a horse, and a dog. Rex, the King of the Wild Horses, is forced to the U.S. from a faraway island of Sujan, where he used to be worshipped as a divine creature. When people wanted to train him as a polo pony, the stallion refused to obey and escaped. Soon he met Rin-Tin-Tin, Jr., also known as Rinty, the vagabond dog. The sacred Arabian horse dreams about returning back to the wrap-around safety of the jungle. Thanks to the intervention of polo-player Frank Bradley, both animals are safely taken back to the stallions island. However, thats only the beginning of their adventure Are you curious about the rest of the story? Luckily, theres a chance to lift the veil and take a peek behind the curtain. Our free online channel Adventurers Rex and Rinty is a shortcut to the black-and-white world of freedom, loyalty, and friendship. Subscribe to this channel for more episodes of your favorite sound serial and spend quality time online.