Developer : McCabe Productions, Inc.

Addictive Fishing

Roku application

Two kids growing up on the barrier islands on the Space Coast of Florida caught the addiction at an early age. In 1980, Blair Wiggins and Kevin McCabe began their daily fishing excursions before and after school. Kevin had moved from the north and referred to big fish as "monsters". Blair, born and raised in Florida, called them "biggans". As kids do, they combined the words to create what has become the hottest catch phrase on the water. Now that’s a "Mogan!" Twenty years later, Blair, a professional fishing guide, and Kevin, an award winning television producer, reunited to create the next generation of outdoor television. Addictive Fishing became the new standard for all other outdoors shows to be modeled after. The rockin’ theme music grabs the attention and the antics of the energized host keeps you strapped in for 30-minutes of entertaining, educating and addicting saltwater television viewing.