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APlusPhysics is a free resource designed to help high school physics and beginning college physics students succeed, with video tutorials and examples covering complete AP Physics, Honors Physics, and Regents Physics courses. The Basics of Physics Units Kinematics Speed and Velocity Acceleration Vectors Projectile Motion The Laws of Motion Force and Mass Newton's Laws Uniform Circular Motion Gravitation Non-Uniform Circular Motion Kepler's Laws Potential Energy Energy Conservation Work Energy Power Linear Momentum Collisions Conservation of Momentum Rocket Propulsion Center of Mass Static Equilibrium Elasticity Torque Conditions for Equilibrium Stability Elasticity Stress Strain Fracture The Center of Gravity Torque Angular Acceleration Rotational Kinematics Angular Momentum Energy Dynamics Conservation of Angular Momentum Fluids Density Pressure Archimedes' Principle Cohesion Adhesion Fluids in Motion Deformation of Solids Fluid Dynamics Kinetic Theory Temperature Ideal Gas Law Diffusion Heat and Heat Transfer Thermodynamics The First Law of Thermodynamics The Second Law of Thermodynamics Entropy The Third Law of Thermodynamics Waves and Vibrations Hooke's Law Periodic Motion Waves Sound Doppler Effect Electricity AC DC Magnetism Electromagnetic Waves Optics Special Relativity Quantum Physics Quantum Mechanics Atomic Physics Nuclear Physics Radioactivity