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Lucha Libre

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The WWO (World Wrestling Organization) has come to revolutionize the spectacular world of Mexican Wrestling. Lucha Libre Mexicana is a phenomeno in pop-culture with origins since 1863. Its followers have made Lucha Libre Mexicana the most popular sport after soccer football in a country of 100 million inhabitants, and likely part of pop culture in both Mexico and the United States. For the past 20 years, the LUcha Libra Wrestling has received international recognition for its distinct style: incredible acrobatics inside the ring and the magnificent designs of masks. The WWO is considered by many to be the leading promoter of live events of Lucha Libre Mexicana. With the WWO, the world of Mexican Wrestling has taken on a new Dimension. Lucha Libra Wrestling in the United States is the fastest growing sport watched in US. This is followed by Japan, Lucha Libra popularity is growing world wide.