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Local Astronauts welcomes you to the BTSN Pass! Get an exclusive interactive look of behind the scenes in the entertainment world. Real Content. Our Eyes. Your Culture. We provide you with an in-depth look of the makings of your favorite entertainment shows, artists, celebrities, concerts, music, and much more. The Behind The Scenes Network focuses on showing you our entertainment culture, from the creative eye. Various clips and shows will take you through some awesome moments that fans usually don't get a chance to see. What's does your favorite artist eat? listening to? like to wear? From conversations/interviews that are candid, equipment a pridcuer uses to make a hit, or to finally see how stunt men pull off these actions scenes, you never know what you may see. BTSN also shows an educational value to its raw content. Our camera techniques and interactive style will keep you engaged but also inform our viewers that may be aspiring creatives themselves. Tap into your favorite celebrity and figure out their path to stardom. Or learn how events are out together. BTSN shows you more of what you love from the place where you want to be!